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28-04-2016 10:50 AM

21 / 1 / 1436 = 14 / 11 / 2014 - Warning against Fitnahs - al-Ṭālib
[LEFT][LEFT]Sheikh Dr. al-Ṭālib 1436-1-21 (14-11-2014G)

Warning against Fitnahs

Khutbah Topic

His Eminence Sheikh Saleh Ibn Mohammed Ᾱl Ṭālib May Allah protect him delivered this Fridays Khutbah titled Warning against Fitnahs in which he addressed the fitnahs that have befallen Muslim countries in general. He touched upon those which the enemies of Islam foment in the country of the Two Holy Mosques and Vicinity: the cradle of the Revelation and the Divine Message. Sheikh Ᾱl Ṭālib re-iterated the position of this country and highlighted the unrelenting efforts that have been made by its rulers across time to maintain security and protect the interests of the people without any discrimination between the various Islamic sects and the like.

Part One

Praise be to Allah Almighty! Praise be to Allah the Most Supreme, the Most Revered! He spread the Earth then He directed Himself to heaven and made them seven heavens . He has granted us unity on His Religion after disunity and dispersion. He has given us shelter with His Divine Law after all cities and open space were proven too narrow to accommodate us. His graces are infinite, and we cannot thank Him enough. He showed us lessons to learn from those around us, and sent us restrictions and deterrents. I bear witness that there is no deity except Allah with no associate; there is neither Uzzah nor Lāt. I also bear witness that Muhammad is His Servant and Messenger who was sent by His Lord to deliver the most perfect law and the last of all divine messages. May Allah Almighty send His Salat, Peace and Blessing upon him, his noble family, his Companions, and all those who followed in their footsteps until Doomsday!

Now then,

I exhort you to observe taqwa of Almighty Allah, to heed His commandments, avoid His proscriptions, and never show disobedience. You should know that everyone is responsible for his own acts, and in his grave, on the Day of Account, he will be tested and held accountable for everything he did.

There, people will be overwhelmed by feelings of remorse and regret:
And be afraid of the Day when you shall be brought back to Allh. Then every person shall be paid what he earned, and they shall not be dealt with unjustly. [Al-Baqarah: 281]

O Muslims!

History illiterates may not be present-cognizant. Since the divine message was revealed to the Prophet (May Allahs Salat and Peace be upon him), Islam has been gathering momentum and Muslims homogeneously united. That was the case during the reign of the Caliphs who conquered new territory both east and west and built their civilization and glory.

Naturally, this displeased Muslims enemies who, having been defeated in the battlefield, tried to destroy Islam from within. Early Muslim history abounds with events that raised seditions, disunited the ummah, brought conquests to a halt, and inflicted serious, non-coalescent wounds upon Islam.

History still remembers the intrigue of Al-Ashtar and Ibn Saba . Having seen that Muslims had made peace and united their ranks, Ibn Al-Sawda ‒disgraced may he be‒ said, You have to infiltrate into people and mix with them. When they come together, ignite war and fighting among them; do not let them get together. So he ignited the fire, started the war, and initiated fighting in a pitch-dark night.

O Muslims!

Notwithstanding the difference in time and situation, a similar picture still persists in times of fitnah. Spies sow the seed of trouble among different Muslim factions staging an incident here and an incident there, and they insinuate to the common people of each party that the other party is to be blamed for what is happening to them. By misleading each party to believe that the other has perpetrated a crime against them, hostilities grow, rancour intensifies, war breaks out and destruction ensues. If you want to know the perpetrator of an incident, look for the beneficiary.

O servants of Allah!

In the last few decades, Muslim countries have been afflicted with painful situations whose fire is still raging. It is not surprising for the enemy to adopt every dirty means to foment sedition among Muslims. However, it is indeed regrettable when Muslims descend into the quagmire of intrigues and exchange accusations and incriminations until inextinguishable fire is started to destroy them all. They do not benefit from experience and cannot foresee the consequences.

O Muslims!

The greatest fitnah in such cases is the feeble and self-defeating claim by the common people as well as the elite blaming their values and principles for the prevalent seditions and casting unfounded suspicion and accusations thereon. They allege that the methods of religious scholars, with which they sublimated for years, are behind the fitnah:

Surely, they have fallen into trial. [Al-Tawbah: 49]

They criticize the system on which their state was built and which is its raison dtre:
so that they destroyed their own dwellings with their own hands and the hands of the believers. [Al-Ḥashr: 2] and turn a blind eye to the real causes of events.

Indeed, it is all too odd for anyone to have to prove the existence of sunshine or moonlight.

O servants of Allah!

Since its three-phase inception, the policy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has always been based on respecting the rights of minority sects and non-persecution of followers of other religious schools. Since the establishment of this country, there have always been citizens adopting religious schools other than that of the majority. The government has always been keen on protecting their privacy and, unlike secular governments of other Muslim countries, or countries where Sunni Muslims are in the minority, neither has it tried to force them into a certain belief, nor to drive them out of their land.

Having discovered this concordance, and having falsely believed the mixture to be explosive and ready for use as happened in the neighbouring countries, the enemies tried to experiment with this problem in the Eastern Province. They tried, but miserably failed, to sow the seeds of fitnah among the people. Allah has thwarted their efforts and spared Muslims the consequences of their sinister machinations. They ended up with innocent blood on their hands, and with a heinous murder around their necks. Allah did not grant them success, but set an example out of them to those who would follow in their footsteps.

This country has a long history of tolerance and justice, and of scorning bigotry and exclusiveness. It is a principle that grew with it and could be denied by no one but those denying their own principles themselves.

During the half-century-reign of the founding king, King Abdul Aziz (May Allah bless his soul) or the reign of his sons who succeeded him to the throne, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, while at the peak of its might, has never forced anyone into a religion, or taken a bigoted stand against anyone on account of religious belief or sect. The system makes no racial or sectarian distinctions.

Since the establishment of the State until the present day, thousands, or say, millions of people from different religions and sects have entered the country. Some lived in it for years, but none of them was persecuted for his religion or sect.

Now that we live in the age of communication, over seven million people come to the Kingdom (every year) to perform Hajj or Omrah exclusive of tourists, workers or businessmen. Yet, no one has ever noticed the slightest difference in worship between the Kingdom and other countries.

On the contrary, one of the greatest achievements of this country is the termination of religious jurisprudence bigotry. In the past, Muslims used to perform prayers behind four imams scattered all over the Holy Mosque divided against themselves according to their religious school. Now they all pray behind one Imam who tries to follow the example of the Prophet (May Allah's Salat and Peace be upon him) regardless of any specific religious school.

Visitors of the Two Holy Mosques see and hear their teachers who, when giving their lessons, mention all the four Muslim Imams with equal respect and non-discrimination. They also choose what suits the student or the subject from any of the books of these known religious schools and their revered scholars.

Muftis do not restrict themselves to a specific Sunni school, but select the opinion supported by the strongest evidence. Judges also do not have to abide by a certain school. If the judge gives a sentence supported by evidence from one school, his sentence may not be overruled because of his choice of that particular school.

When the Council of Senior Muslim Scholars was first formed in this country, it comprised scholars from all four schools of Islam and it has been so for forty years now.

At the Kingdoms universities, theses and dissertations in jurisprudence deal with problems and issues that derive from all four schools with no discrimination as far as religious scholars are concerned. The researcher gives precedence to opinions that are supported by the strongest evidence (from the Holy Qurān or the Sunnah of the Prophet). The Kingdoms universities have contributed immensely to validating the heritage of the Hanafi, Maliki, Shafii and Hanbali schools and served in an unprecedented way the books of these schools by way of studying, authentication, and verification.

It is the concern of the thinkers and reformers of this country to resist any reactionary movement aimed at reviving religious bigotry. If you asked a commoner on the street about his school, chances are he would not see a meaning in your question!
Since its inception in this country, the scholarly movement has succeeded in connecting people with evidence, following the divine inspiration and shunning bigotry. When visitors arrive in the Kingdom, they do not find a fifth school, a religion unknown to them, or an unusual interpretation of Islam. Rituals, prayers and Friday Khutbahs are broadcast via multimedia to all corners of the world. Yet, nobody sees a different religious practice, or hears a statement or sees an act that is religiously different from the way it is practiced by Ahl Al-Sunnah (the followers of the Prophets Sunnah) throughout history!

What is different in this country, however, is that it seeks to rise above superstitious beliefs and bida (false innovations in religion) and to apply the true religion as revealed to Prophet Muhammad (May Allah's Salat and Peace be upon him). If one or, for this matter, a group chose to be out of step, it is unfair to hold the whole ummah accountable.

After all this ‒O servants of Allah‒ shouldnt the languid feel ashamed to accuse their own society, universities, religion, and state of fanaticism and extremism? Or accuse their own religious school of being the cause of sectarianism and exclusion?

Indeed, such unjust allegations are the ones to be blamed for producing fanaticism and extremism as they tend to fill hearts with hatred and incite enemies. When some of our fellow citizens set out to challenge our educational curricula, and blame their own religion and government, they are then casting a faulty vision, a limitation in thought, and defeatism in spirit.

As a result, human blood and rights are no longer protected the way they used to at a time when such allegations and blame were rather at their peak. However, killing and death were stepped up when the sceptic managed to voice their accusations loudly and the defamers dart their arrows intensely. Our country was most secure and prosperous at a time when some of those languid people levelled their criticism against it.

Indeed, people in general and foreigners before kinsmen have come to realize that all members of the fighting groups are nationals of those countries where secular governments maintain control over the curricula being taught at schools.

It is indeed a shame on those who exaggerate and exploit their country's plight to pick up their pens and start criticizing quite harshly their own rulers, scholars, systems and curricula. They have forgotten the role of Sharia (Islamic Law and Jurisprudence) in reforming life and religion; thus they set out to defame the country's venerated and trusted scholars, those who are still living as well as those who are dead, denying their merits, in vile criticism and malicious suggestions.

Slandering Muslim scholars was but a proxy to the slandering of Sharia in its totality. Distinction between what is certain and what is suspicious disappeared; therefore, calling to besiege the Sharia and contain it became part and parcel of their objective.
Allah blamed harshly previous peoples and exposed their venoms, and made of similar incidents the most suitable occasions to expose their rancour, but Allah does distinguish the evil from the good .

The learning of Islamic Sharia and Fiqh cannot be measured by learning worldly sciences, nor is it dependent on them, for learning Sharia is a worship of Allah first and foremost. Whenever Allah intended good for His servant, He would make of him a learned scholar in religion; such knowledge would accompany him during his lifetime and in his grave, and Allah would raise his status in Paradise by this knowledge if achieved in good faith (i.e. he learnt it for the sake of Allah). Thus, the attainment of goodness in a particular society is commensurate with the increase in religious learning therein.

This Sharia has led this Ummah to pinnacle standards for centuries and ages. Under its umbrella, kingdoms and civilizations have been built, and under its banner thoughts and cultures have been formed. This Ummah has not been defeated until its grip on religion caved in, and the flame of Sharia subsided in the hearts of many. This took place only over the last century.

However, those defeated seem to have forgotten history, and Allah's promise to give the upper hand to whoever seeks to glorify His religion and raise His Word:

And Allh has full power and control over His Affairs, but most of them know not. [Yūsuf: 21]

May Allah bless us with the Qur'an and the Sunnah, and benefit us with the verses and wisdom they contain! I say this and ask Allah Almighty to forgive you and me.

Part Two

All praise and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the 'Alamn (mankind, jinns and all that exists), the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, the Only Owner (and the Only Ruling Judge) of the Day of Recompense (i.e. the Day of Resurrection)! I bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah alone with no partner. He is The Sovereign, The (unmistakable) Truth. I also bear witness that Muhammad is His Servant and Messenger. May Allah send His Salat (Graces, Honours, Mercy) Peace and Blessing upon him, his Family and all his Companions!

Now then,

Everybody must understand that the security of the country of the Two Holy Mosques is indeed the security of every Muslim on earth, and that there is no compromise on the security of the Kingdom under any circumstances or on any plea.

The citizens of this country, thank Allah, are fully conscious of the conspiracies that target its unity and security, and that the enemies are using terrorism and causing disorder in order to achieve their goals. In addition, they would seek to deceive the impertinent in order to accomplish their plans. These matters are clearer than ever before.

We have to put emphasis on the prohibition of Muslim blood, let alone the blood of those who are granted security and protected. Allah Almighty said:

And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell to abide therein, and the Wrath and the Curse of Allh are upon him, and a great punishment is prepared for him. [Al-Nisā': 93]

The Prophet (May Allahs Salat and Peace be upon him) said: "Whoever kills a person of the covenant (a Dhimmy, i.e. a non-Muslim given the promise of safety) will be prohibited to smell the fragrance of Paradise." [Narrated by Bukhari]

Therefore, it would be much more serious if the killing targets the starting of fitnah, or those men through whom Allah protects the security of the country and its people. Each one of us carries the obligation to avoid any stand or speech that might cause hostility or disagreement, for the security of the country is not subject for bargaining or outbidding.

All men of integrity in this Ummah should seek to set matters appropriately, name things properly and attribute incidents to their causes fairly and soberly. Indeed, with sincerity and truthfulness matters may only get better, and evil discarded.

May Allah protect our country and Muslim countries from every evil and adversity!
This is said, ask Allah (O you Muslims) to send His Salat (Graces, Honours, and Mercy) upon the best of Allah's creatures, the most honest human being, Muhammad Ibn Abdullah the Hashemite, the Qurashi.

O Allah! Send Your Salat (Graces, Honours and Mercy) Peace and Blessing upon Your Servant and Messenger, Muhammad! O Allah! Be pleased with all his good pure family, his wives, the mothers of the believers, his brave Companions, the tabi'in (the contemporaries of the Companions of the Prophet [May Allahs Salat and Peace be upon him] after his death) and those who follow them righteously until the Day of Resurrection!

O Allah! Grant glory to Islam and Muslims! O Allah! Grant glory to Islam and Muslims! Destroy all despots, atheists and corrupters!

O Allah! Grant this Ummah a matter of guidance in which the people of Your obedience are honoured and those of Your disobedience are rightly guided, and in which good is enjoined and bad is prohibited, O You, the Hearer of all supplications!

O Allah! Whoever wants evil to befall us, our country, the Muslim countries, Islam, and Muslims, then keep him busy with himself, turn his evil doings against himself, and let evil befall him, O Lord of the Worlds!

O Allah! Grant victory to the Mujahideen (fighters) in Your Cause in Palestine and everywhere, O Lord of the Worlds! O Allah! Break their siege, make better their conditions, and defeat their enemy!

O Allah! Liberate the Aqsa Mosque from the oppression of the oppressors and the aggression of the occupiers!

O Allah! Be with our brothers and sisters in Palestine, Syria, Burma, Central Africa, and everywhere! O Allah! Alleviate their calamity, hasten their relief. O Allah! Have mercy on them for they are defenseless, mend their breakage, and take care of them. O Allah! Stop their bloodshed, reassure them, protect their honour, grant them their needs, feed their hungry, instill courage into their hearts, help them stand firm in the battlefield, and grant them victory over their oppressors, O You, the Ever-Living, the Lord of Majesty and Bounty!

O Allah! Set right their conditions, unite them around the truth and true guidance, spare them the evil ones among them, and defeat their enemy! O Allah! Destroy the, oppressors and their assistants! O Allah! Destroy the oppressors and their assistants! O Allah! Grant victory to Your religion, Your Book, the Sunnah of Your Prophet and Your believing servants!

O Allah! Guide our leader to what You like and accept! O Allah! Lead him to piety and righteousness! O Allah! Guide him, his two Crown Princes, their brothers and assistants to what is good for the people and the country! O Allah! Guide the leaders of the Muslims to rule according to Your Sharia and follow the Sunnah of Your prophet Muhammad (May Allahs Salat and Peace be upon him) and make them a mercy on Your believing servants! O Allah! Spread security and prosperity in our country and Muslim countries, and protect us against the evil of the evildoers and the wickedness of the wicked!

Our Lord! Give us in this world that which is good and in the Hereafter that which is good, and save us from the torment of the Fire! [Al-Baqarah: 201]

Our Lord! Forgive us our sins and our transgressions (in keeping our duties to You), establish our feet firmly, and give us victory over the disbelieving folk. [Ᾱl Imrān: 147]

O Allah! Forgive our sins, cover our defects, make easy our tasks, grant us our hopes in what pleases You! O Allah! Forgive us, our parents, grandparents, our spouses and progeny! You are the Hearer of supplications!

We ask Allah for forgiveness! We ask Allah for forgiveness! We ask forgiveness from Allah, the only One to be worshiped, the Ever-Living, and we repent to Him!

O Allah! You are Allah with no other deity worthy of worship but You! You are the Self-Sufficient and we are the poor! Send down rain on us and do not make us despondent! O Allah! Relieve us (with rain)! O Allah! Relieve us! O Allah! Relieve us with rain that is smooth, healthy, widespread, heavy, wholesome, beneficial, harmless, and with which You will give life to the land and water to Your creatures, and let it reach both the urban and rural areas! O Allah! Make it a rain of mercy, not one of torture, trial, destruction or drowning!

O Allah! We ask You to forgive us as You are the Forgiver! Send heavy rain on us! O Allah! Relieve us with rain! O Allah! Relieve us with rain!

O Lord! Accept from us (our supplications)! You are the All-Hearing! And grant us repentance! You are Forgiving and Merciful!

Glorified be your Lord, the Lord of Honour and Power! He is free from what they attribute unto Him! Peace be upon the Messengers, and praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds![/LEFT][/LEFT]

05:25 PM.